Remote HelpDesk

Our Remote HelpDesk application enables us to remotely view and manage your desktop to see and help resolve the issue you’re facing in real-time.

How does it work?

After contacting us to have us standby for you, run our Remote HelpDesk application and you will be required connect in to our Remote HelpDesk server to initiate the session to grant us the permission to remotely view and manage your desktop over your internet connection. Once the session is established, we will then be able to help resolve your issue remotely. When we are done, we will terminate the connection from our end and you can then exit the Remote HelpDesk application.

Is it secure?

Our application is pre-programmed to generate a random sequence of 6 digit numbers we call the Service ID which you will have to communicate to our support team member standing by for you. The connection to our server is pre-programmed with a secure encryption and cannot be modified. Hence you will only connect in to our server and the session will only initiate if we are standing by for your connection and enter the Service ID you provide to us. Otherwise, the connection will fail there will be no remote management of your desktop. You also have the option to exit the application, terminating any control over your desktop.

Should you have any further concerns, feel free to get in touch with us and we can explain the process to you.

Great! How do I get started?

  1. Ensure that your internet connectivity is functional (as the speed heavily depends on how fast the internet connection is).
  2. Download our Chalks Remote HelpDesk application here (the file should be ‘’) and save it to your Desktop.
  3. Unzip the ‘’ file to your Desktop as well.
  4. Get in touch with our technical personnel to have us standby for your connection.
  5. Run the ‘RemoteHelpDesk.exe’ file and let us have the 6 digit Support ID generated by our application.
  6. The application will then try to connect in to our Remote HelpDesk server the moment we activate the Support ID on our servers. Once this succeeds, leave the rest to us and we’ll help resolve the issue you’re facing.